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Eternal Memories
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Thursday, 6 June 2013

One night in Osaka

Not too long ago, we were in Osaka for a domestic holiday vacation.
If you dear readers would like to see more of the Kansai region; In which Osaka is located, the links below will lead you to it!


Kyoto (Kansai Region)

Kobe (Kansai Region)

Nara (Kansai Region)

We had Sukiyaki & Shabu - shabu for dinner.
Yummy yum-yummms!~
For more detailed information on the differences between Sukiyaki & Shabu - shabu, please feel free to check out my previous post.

My all time favorite and i can never decide between Sukiyaki & Shabu-shabu as i LOVE them BOTH!


This is in the Umeda District.
Umeda is one of the two main city centers of Osaka.

Umeda Station City!
Check out those illuminations!!~

Beautiful, don't you think so too?
Multi levels for all your shopping pleasures!
Take note visitors: You'll love this place!

I guess i don't really need another explanation for this....yeah?


my Silver Jewelry as you all know, I mentioned about it in the 'About me' Section of my Blog.

This is my wallet chain and it's imbued with Garnets. 
Mentioned my love of silver jewelry here too!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!
Thanks for visiting & see you guys ladies soon!~



  1. amazing photos. I really like them. ^^

    wow your jewelry is pretty cool!

    1. Hi again, Miya!
      Do you have a thing for Silver Jewelry too?

  2. you are wayyyy too handsome....gawrsh XD

    1. Hey Vanessa!!~
      Awww..No wayyyy!
      But still, thankyou!! ;)
      ...You flatter me!

    2. haha I mean it! XD
      I'm jealous, wish I had looks as good as you XD

    3. Thanks Vanessa!
      I'm really glad to know that!!~
      You're lookin' pretty good yourself, too! :)


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